Ghosts of New Haven


Each tour is 90 minutes long, total walking distance is less than a mile, covered at a very leisurely pace so that you can enjoy the mysterious atmosphere and haunted locations. We have many different tours to choose from. We conduct our tours with great respect for the, “out of body people”. After all they are no different from us – they are free of the physical world. We are positive that our tours will enchant, entertain, inform, and scare you.

We dedicate ourselves to exploring the supernatural, paranormal phenomena, the occult manifestations, and the ghostly happenings. We want to give you an experience that has no equal. We want to challenge your mental facilities and powers of observation. If you dare, participate in our trek into the unknown, share your ghostly experiences with others, and ask yourself: Do you believe what you see, hear, smell, and touch? Do you?

Highest Review

My wife and I were so excited to find another great Chicago tour! The Hauntings Tour was perfect so us horror movie lovers, but we were not sure what to expect. What really made the tour amazing was that we stopped at a couple key locations of paranormal activity. It gave us the opportunity to walk around and take in the experience for ourselves rather than just hearing the stories, we got to go to the sites. Great tour, I recommend this when you are in Chicago!

Lowest Review

Currently on the tour bus and felt the need to YELP here. This is not scary or even close to it. This is a bus tour that stops at 4 “haunted” buildings/locations. Before the last stop the heat in the bus was so bad that everyone’s breath fogged the windows so bad you couldn’t even see out the windows. The guide is nice and funny and knows a lot. The history aspect of the tour is interesting. But it is misleading beyond belief. It’s so hot on this bus right now I want to die. I will not take this tour again but I will sign up for other tours that give the history. Started at 8 and it’s now 10 and we aren’t done. It said the tour was 2 hours from 8-10. Might miss dinner reservations. The bus is soooooo loud you can’t hear what he is saying half the time bc the microphone is even worse than him just talking. If you feel the need to take this tour sit about 5 rows back.

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