San Diego Ghost Tours


This Ghost Tours is based on Personal Ghost Hunting Experiences here in Old Town San Diego for the last 14 years

Highest Review

Honestly, some of the one-star reviews did not deter me from reaching out to Mike and setting up a $40 ghost hunting experience with him. I am truly grateful he had the tools I didn’t have so we could have an amazing ghost hunting experience. He knows what he is doing. His expert advice also helped me learn new tricks as a new amateur ghost hunter. This tour was not all about the history of the place and more focused on ghosts and ghost hunting which truly delighted me. During our hunt he gave us many opportunities to ask questions. We were disappointed we did not see more ghosts… however, that wasn’t the fault of our host who let us in parts of the Cosmopolitan that the public does not have access to.

Highlight of the hunt was finding a ghost on the SLS reader and “touching” it. Mike we loved you and this amazing adventure.

Lowest Review

Worst ghost tour I’ve ever done. It was super lame to sum it all up. It was super hard to know where to meet up first if all. It was just a man standing around with a cap that said GHOST TOURS in small writing. He basically walked us around the area where he had encounters with ghosts. He didn’t know any history of the buildings and area, couldn’t answer any questions, and he made you feel bad for even asking questions. He seemed truly miserable and angry the whole time. He showed us pictures that people had supposedly taken and I’m convinced that the ghosts in these pictures are just people. They don’t look any different! The Ghosts and Gravestones tour is so much better! It’s entertaining, the guides are full of humor and so much knowledge, and they take you to even more places. We ran into them at one point and you could see how much fun they were all having and how miserable our little group was.

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