Old Towns Most Haunted


San Diego Ghost Tours is based on some of the paranormal things that i have found while Ghost Hunting here in Old Town San Diego. Durning the tour we will walk and stop I will tell some things that I have found. We will use the meters like on T.V. at the end of the tour I will show some photos and video.


Established in 2005.

Ghost Tours are Based on just some of the paranormal things I have found while Ghost Hunting here in Old Town San Diego

Highest Review

I called 30 minutes before the 7pm tour on Friday and reserved a spot for my husband and I. We walked through Old Town and Michael our guide told us about the history and some paranormal activity. The best part and the reason this tour is 5 stars, we went into the Cosmopolitan Hotel where he gave us time to walk through and take photos/videos. At one point of the tour I felt a heaviness and goosebumps around my legs. Michael said a little boy was visiting. Everyone in our tour definitely felt something. Towards the end we were all standing around the bar area when my husband sees a black shadow walking past in another room. At that point everyone was in the room with us and we knew he saw a ghost!! We all went to investigate and no one was over there! He was shaking from what he saw! It was the coolest experience! I’m definitely coming back!

Lowest Review

Don’t waste your time but more importantly, don’t waste your money. Several years ago we went on the haunted history tour in Old Town where the guides dress in period clothing, that one was AWESOME. We came back and wanted to do another ghost tour because the last one was so great, so we chose this one. BIG MISTAKE. There was no information of substance and nothing exciting and half the time he didn’t take the time to explain what he meant. I must have heard the phrases “if you watch the ghost hunting shows…” and “10 years ago I took a whole bunch of pictures over there …”. Save your money and pick a different tour.

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