Nightmare New York Haunted House


Now in its 11th season, Nightmare is NYC’s longest running and most horrifying haunted house. This fall is Nightmare New York based on the myths, urban legends and horror stories of NYC history starting September 26th.


Established in 2004

Starting off as a small interactive theatrical production of horror stories, Nightmare has turned into the city’s largest and longest running haunted house during the Halloween season

  • Phone: (347) 577-9999
  • Address: 107 Suffolk St Ground Fl New York, NY 10002

Highest Review

NIGHTMARE NYC – The gift that keeps on GIVING. Halloween is a season of fun and a time to get together with friends and do fun stuff. One of our traditions is to go to NIGHTMARE. This is my 3rd year and I just love it. Clever, scary and oh so entertaining. Congrats to the NIGHTMARE team for putting together an amazing night out. OK I don’t want to reveal to much, but lets just say this is the gift that keeps on giving. Yesterday I went to get something out of my purse and was greeted by a plastic ROACH. I screamed and then laughed. So Awesome, nice touch.

Lowest Review

First, I would like to make it clear that the review posted on 10/13/2015 is NOT from 2015. That is clearly a review from last year or earlier, because this year is not the haunted house portraying murder scenes or having the info posted in the lobby. That is what was done in previous years. This year they only have a selection of performance art shows.

I make it a yearly tradition to go with my friend to Killers as I always thought they have the most unique and creative haunted house, loving that it is more performance based which really made them stand out. We went this year fully aware that it was not the usual haunted house, but that it would be some type of horror shows. From the description on the website, we were expected these shows to be interactive and scary- still containing some elements of a scary feel to them. We left SO disappointed. I feel bad to review this way because I do believe the the actors and story writers were very passionate about what they were doing, but it was just weird and not scary in the least. It was honestly a waste of our time and money, and it seemed every person in our audience felt the same way afterwards.

We saw the Ed Gein show, which was semi interesting as it at least had speaking parts, the actor was great and the puppet used was TOTALLy creepy looking, but it was ridiculously short (maybe 10 minutes, not the 22 minutes stated on the website) and the 2nd performance was Unbroken- it was nothing more than a dance piece. Nothing remotely scary about it.

If you are into haunted houses, I strongly suggest spending your money somewhere else and I really, really hope Killers goes back to its regular performance based Haunted House format for next year!

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