Haunted Santa Monica Ghost Tours


Happy October from Zack and Candace at Haunted Santa Monica Ghost Tours! It shouldn’t come as a surprise that this is our favorite month of the year. 5 years ago this month we began our quirky little tour. This year has been an adjustment and we have moved online with our new live event “Fireside Ghost Stories” an interactive creepy experience every Fright-day night in October.


Established in 2015

Newly opened in October of 2015 owners Candace & Zack Fahey are excited to share their research and passion of the Paranormal with you!

  • Phone: (323) 943-2786
  • Address: 119 Broadway Santa Monica, CA 90401

Highest Review

I just finished attending their extraordinary Fireside Ghost Stories online. They started with Irish mythology. As I am part Irish, I was already drooling. But then they went into Transylvanian mythology and even discussed the intersection of science with the supernatural. My head was spinning from beginning to end. But the only thing maybe better than their content is their chemistry. Zach and Candace clearly have a love for each other, a love for their subject matter, and, even more impressive to me, a love for their audience. Can’t wait to see what they’re up to next. Highest possible recommendation!

Lowest Review

This tour was run by Zack and Candace, two really friendly people. Zack is super energetic, threw dad jokes, and would be an awesome person for regular tours (not haunted tours), and Candace helped tell half the stories.

Not sure how this averaged 5-stars. I would give it 0-stars if possible.
Biggest disappointment and waste of money. Our group of 10 people all felt scammed.

Wasn’t what we expected at all. The places we went to were just too crowded to set the mood. Most of the “facts” that were described weren’t delivered well to draw us into the stories. Good information on the buildings, but all the haunting stories didn’t have any emotions behind it to create the atmosphere. That coupled with the noise and crowdedness of the entire tour just took everyone completely out of it. The whole tour was missing the Mystery aspect of a haunted tour. Delivery of the stories using “factual” statements such as “EMF” and “Séances” does not make it scary, mysterious, or convincing.

Not even drugs or alcohol would make it close to what you would expect (Not to say there was any of that involved).

TLDR; If you’re not doing this for your 5 year old kids, don’t waste your money or time.

Additionally, the tour sent me an email asking to rate my review from 1-5 stars. If you pick anything below 5-stars you get sent to a fake reviewing site that doesn’t allow you to submit; Clicking 5-stars sends you to this Yelp page. That’s just terrible.

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