Oakland Cemetery Tours


Discover Decatur’s Spirit Community with tales of… Murder, Passion, Vice, War and Tragedy. Led by professional psychic medium and paranormal investigator, Boo Newell. “Between the Realms: What Ghosts Teach Us About Life and Death” now available for purchase.

Highest Review

This was my first year doing the Capturing the Spirit Halloween Tour. I was happily surprised that this was not a ‘ghost’ tour at all. They set it up where we followed a guide through the cemetery where they had actors set up to ‘be’ the person/people buried in that part of the cemetery. They told about their lives, what the world was like when they were alive and some of their accomplishments.

The actors were amazing! So believable! And what a great history lesson. I cannot wait to go back next year!

Lowest Review

I never would have thought to tour a cemetary, but it was quite intetrsting. The Ohio State University Atlanta Alumni Club participated in Oakland Cemetary’s African American History tour including greats such as Mayor Maynard Jackson. The cost is $12 for adults & $6 for children. Our tour guide did a superb job & really knew her stuff! Even cemetaries were segregated….smh. It was insightful to learn the history & find out about the cemetary. I’ve seen this spot when I go to eat at Six Feet Under or Tin Lizzy’s which are located directly across the street. In addition to our group several people jog/walk here. Yoi can park inside the cemetary or across the street in the parking lot. Their known for 2 signature events….Tunes from the Tombs sells out and Halloween tours. Wear comfortable shoes & bring along a bottle of water because there’s a lot of hills.

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