The McCoy House


The Terrell Ghost Walk runs in 2021 every Saturday night at 8 PM, May through the end of October. The tour now includes a brief investigation of the Anderson building. Reservations are now required. We also offer paranormal investigations to homes and businesses who require it. We are available for free consultations by phone and by appointment. Please note our business hours are phone hours as we are now working from our home office due to COVID.


Established in 2014.

Brenda developed an illness that left her feeling empty until the unexpected happened. Brenda, her mother & son, Mary Jo & Dayton, went to the haunted city: Jefferson, TX. They stopped for a photo session at the Grove House Garden, where a male apparition had been documented for over 100 years. Soon, Mary Jo displayed a set of 3 photos. In one was the Garden ghost, in period clothing and a lantern. Their world was changed forever. They begin to mentor under a team of engineers & scientists with decades of experience. They learned everything they could. Luckily, they had access to a haunted building. The family had a passion for the paranormal, but it was expensive. The team had investigation experience in Terrell and heard stories. Brenda spent a year in the community before others trusted her to share their stories. With their blessing, the Terrell Ghost Walk launched in April of 2014.

Highest Review

This is a really well done tour of Terrell, Tx. The tour itself last about 2hrs on the walk of downtown Terrell. As a long time resident of Terrell I knew there was a lot of history here. The staff of the Historic Terrell Ghost Walk brings the history and the stories of past souls of our past to life. Very informative. The walk itself is self paced as many have questions on the history and stories being told. You will meet a lot of new people and together have an experience like no others. I have heard they also have a night that you can bring along your well behaved dog on the tour walk. I’m personally looking forward to the tour session to began again and I will bring my dog. I’m sure there will be new stories about our old historic buildings!

Lowest Review

This tour was very interesting and fun yet, I thought this was suppose to be a “haunted” walk. I thought they just kept telling the history of Terrell Texas. If they would talk about more scary stories instead of historic stories, this review would have been 5 stars instead of 4. Almost perfect just quite not there yet. Keep trying though!

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