The Haunt Ghost Tours


Food tours, ghost tours, scavenger hunts, team building and city history, led by passionate locals!


Established in 2012.

Wild SF was created by best friends Wes and J. Jo, who met while studying in San Francisco and quickly discovered many shared interests. After years spent traveling, making music, storytelling, dressing well and making people laugh, the two decided to bring all these passions together to launch Wild SF Tours, the city’s alternative tour company.

Highest Review

If you’re looking for a unique date idea and if you want to learn more about San Francisco’s sketch past… BOOK THIS TOUR!

I planned this as a date and my boyfriend had no idea what we were doing until we got there, ha ha ha. Emma was absolutely wonderful. She gave us these devices that sensed electromagnetic fields around us… and apparently a spike in these can mean there is someone.. or something… else around.

We walked through various neighborhoods near the Transamerica pyramid area, including Chinatown. Emma was so knowledgeable and enthusiastic about San Francisco’s haunted past.. and we learned just SO much on this tour. We even came into contact with what was suspected.. a spirit, or 2. We brought out copper rods to communicate with a spirit in simple yes or no questions. Was it fake? Who really knows…… Still such a cool experience overall. We did a ceremony at the beginning and the end of the tour, which was supposed to ward any ghosts from following us home, which pushed me over the edge for booking this because that’s really all I care about. Thank you so much The Haunt Ghost Tours and Emma!!!!

Lowest Review

Booked with the establishment three times and each was cancelled. Was informed via email hours before the tour was to take place. Vendor has staffing issues and no contingency planning skills. Do not recommend.

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