Hocus Pocus Scare Tours


Capture the historic spirit of Salem’s yesteryear on this award winning, daily, 90-minute walking tour that is available year round. Discover the truth about Salem’s infamous Witch Trial Hysteria. Experience the authentic story of Salem’s most notorious murder. Encounter how Nathaniel Hawthorne spent much of his life trying to escape the legacy of a hanging judge. Find out the Salem locations used in the blockbuster movie Hocus Pocus.

Highest Review

Susan and Rich rock. I consistently never take time to write reviews for places I go, but for this tour, it’s worth the time. I can’t speak for any other tours in Salem – and there are many – but a lot seem like they might be somewhat gimmicky, or shorter. We went with the highest rated tour and it was well worth it. Susan and Rich know their stuff and are excellent story tellers and it shows; no outfits or theatrics needed beyond good old fashioned fireside-style storytelling. It will keep you interested until the very end and you’ll learn an incredible amount of detail about the town that you just won’t get from reading pamphlets and taking a self guided tour during the day. We had walked around the town all day before this tour and enjoyed this more than anything else we had hit that day – and that’s saying a lot, because we walked by a lot of the sites we hit during the day – so it was interesting enough to make these sites new and exciting seeing them a second time. Also, if it’s cold out, they give out hand warmers! Can’t beat the consideration.

Lowest Review

We went on Susan’s tour our second day in Salem. I was a little worried that we would just see things that we had already seen on our own and we kind of did but we got more details. For example the memorial…Susan dove into the details of the memorial. There is so much symbolism in the memorial from the trees to the stones to the way the walls are placed. I would have never figured that out on my own! I also liked the smaller group size and I enjoyed that we saw some sites I would not have found on my own. I will say that this is not a haunted tour or a history tour or a hocus pocus tour. Instead you will get just a sample of all three. For me that was kind of fun.

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