LA Ghosts


Los Angeles Ghost Tours offers nightly walking ghost tours that look at Tinsel Town’s ghastly underbelly. Our unique collection of captivating and unnerving historical stories reveal what makes this city one of the most compelling haunted locations in the country. Find out why Los Angeles is the city where dreams are made, until they become nightmares.

Highest Review

Heather is such a phenomenal tour guide! She’s extremely knowledgeable, a fantastic storyteller, AND is even a sensitive herself. My partner and I got to ask her about her own paranormal experiences and they were pretty spooky! We even had a chance to see some spooky photos Heather had taken at the Roosevelt Hotel in front of Marilyn Monroe’s mirror. Can’t wait to come back for the 10pm tour!!

Lowest Review

This is a 100% walking tour……with that said, it’s not a lot of walking. Not a bus tour. Wear comfortable clothing and shoes.

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