Ghostly Tours in History

  • Phone: (877) 220-4844
  • Address: 2461 San Diego Ave Café Coyote San Diego, CA 92110

Highest Review

My teen daughter and son and young adult friend and I had an excellent time with our Limo tour guide, Magnus. I definitely recommend springing for the Limo tour (and yes, it’s a real stretch Limo with fully stocked bar and complimentary drinks inside, not just a shuttle bus/van). Magnus dressed and acted the part, and was a wealth of historical stories and encounters. We visited 5 local haunted sites over 3 hours including inside Whaley museum, Horton Grand Hotel, and 2 cemeteries.

It was a very interesting tour and definitely left us considering the plausibility of haunted sightings.
Thank you, Magnus, and Ghostly Limo Tours!

Lowest Review

I called & spoke to owner regarding booking the haunted limo tour. I explained that I could not book online because I have a credit for price I had already paid on an old groupon voucher that had expired (per law, the paid amount for voucher never expired, only the voucher promotional values expired). She told me she needed to send me a link for the discounted price; I would have email next day with the link so I can pay. Well next day, I never received email. I waited 2 days, still no email. I called & spoke to young lady @ customer service, but she knew nothing about it and was going to call owner to have her call me back. I found it odd that she didn’t want to take my phone number for callback (she said that owner would already have it). Well it’s now 6 days since I originally called. Our reservation was suppose to be for tonight (10/28), we had 2 other couples that wanted to join us, but due to the owner not wanting to apply the discount that legally we are entitled to, she has lost the monies that the group would have paid. By the way…when I called to make reservation, the owner said there was only 1 other couple booked on that day. Their limo tour holds 8 people. She complained to me about how expensive the limo company she uses has gotten and that is why she recently (in July) raised the cost of this tour. I would NOT recommend this company to anyone.

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