Hot Springs Haunted Tours


Enjoy our 60 minute walking tours of the historic downtown hot springs. Our guide will take you to several haunted buildings, with the oldest dating back to the early 1800’s. While at these locations, you will learn about the dark-side of hot springs, both past and present. The tours begin at 430 central avenue. So, if the events listed below seem interesting, you’ll enjoy our haunted tours. See you soon.

Highest Review

We had so much fun! Learning the history of Hot Springs and the strange/ disturbing stories behind the hauntings was so intriguing. The tour guide was so sweet and she even got creeped out herself 🙂 great time and recommend it !

Lowest Review

Super fun!! Very informative. Not too much walking. The guide was the sweetest most well spoken young lady! Over all a grand time. There was some kind of Biker Rally in Hot Springs while we were on the tour but the experience was still spooky I can only imagine how much more spooky it can be with no loud pipes. It was also helpful that they had a portable hands free microphone and speaker for easy listening and no yelling.

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