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At Nightly Spirits we offer the best tours in Washington, DC; Denver, Colorado; and Charlotte, North Carolina. We specialize in providing some of the most fun and unique ways to see our cities. Join us for one of our world famous haunted ghost tour pub crawls – a cross between a ghost tour and pub crawl. We offer an experience unlike any other tour, which is why our haunted ghost tour pub crawls are consistently rated as one of the best tours in Washington, DC and Denver.

A Nightly Spirits tour will take you on a journey that explores the creepy history of Washington DC, Denver, and Charlotte. You will hear some of the famous ghost stories and hauntings that have been reported in the DC, Denver and Charlotte pubs and buildings that you will see on your tour. Oh, and did we mention you will have time to enjoy a couple beverages along the way?

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Highest Review

I had been interested in going on one of these bus tours for years, And I finally decided to take the plunge, choosing the less-crimey “Lowdown on Downtown” tour. I was vaguely prepared for the eccentricities that lay in store since I had attempted to listen to Kim and Richard’s “You Can’t Eat the Sunshine” podcast. While its clear that these two know their stuff, I found the podcast grating at best and expected that might be the case here too. Full disclosure: I have been an LA Conservancy walking tour docent in the past, so this definitely colored how I viewed this tour’s information and structure. Some hopefully helpful thoughts for both tour-goers and tour-runners: – The information was presented without following any narrative and without giving much background information to those who may have been unfamiliar with the city. Presenting a super brief history of the city and an overview of the goals of the tour would have gone a long way in grounding the audience. Overall, it felt disjointed. Before the bus had departed the arts district, and with no background, the guest speaker (who I really enjoyed) launched into talking about Bunker Hill, which has a very complex history. It seemed like an odd place to begin, especially when much of the info was repeated once we actually got to Bunker Hill where we could put things into context. Terms like “air rights” and “CRA” were tossed around willy nilly throughout the tour with no explanation at all and I could sense that people were confused. -four hours was TOO LONG, even for someone like me who absolutely eats this stuff up. The Arts District portion, which came last, was by far the weakest and while I would have liked to drive through the neighborhood, I definitely did not have any desire to be herded off the bus there. – there must be a better way to take the gelato order than taking a show of hands 3 times. Perhaps at check in? – the highlight for me was visiting the Batchelder chocolate shop and hearing the tile expert speak, although the microphone made it difficult to understand because of the echo. I loved every second of our time in that space. Overall, we age a really nice time even though we had seen most of this before. Since we purchased through Goldstar, we felt that it was a good value, but that the quality would need to go up several notches before it would warrant the full $58/pp price tag. TL;DR – the presentation leaned more toward politically fueled ramblings than a tightly crafted, informative narrative. Consider jumping ship for the last portion, but you’ll probably have a nice afternoon and learn a new thing or two!

Lowest Review

I went on the Raymond Chandler’s Los Angles bus tour. What a frustrating waste of one of my few vacation days in LA! There are two tour guides: Kim and Richard, a husband-wife team. Richard does most of the talking, which is INEXPLICABLE. Kim is actually pretty good–she’s very articulate and good at explaining things, and has a pleasant speaking voice. But she doesn’t talk much, for some reason. Richard simply cannot get through a single sentence without losing his train of thought. It’s all stuff like this: “OK, so Raymond Chandler–hold on is that the right slide?–Yeah, so Raymond–oh, we’re pulling up to the corner, but I’ll get to that in a minute–Raymond Chandler–I’ll get to that in a minute–oh, the corner? yeah, OK. So…Raymond..” Seriously, it’s four f##king hours of that. No exaggeration! And he can’t seem to keep his mouth shut for more than a few seconds. Whenever Kim started talking, he’d interrupt her and go back into his nearly incoherent babbling. And when we visited Edelman’s bookstore, he asked the manager to say a few words, but he talked over him nonstop. The whole time, I felt like I wanted to write him some kind of prescription. If you read all of the negative feedback on Yelp and also on Goldstar, you’ll notice they all say basically the same thing. Richard is just really bad at his job and people find him annoying and unprofessional. He’s spazzy and oblivious. I don’t know why they don’t play to their strengths and let Kim do all the talking. Richard can…I don’t know…take attendance or something. The crazy thing is, they said they’ve been doing this tour for over 10 years! What I saw was the result of 10 years of practice and refinement, apparently. God bless the poor souls who sat through their less polished performances. Richard REALLY needs to take a public speaking course. (And probably also some Adderall.) He talks to the group with his eyes closed (WHICH IS JUST WEIRD) and stammers and babbles and makes a damned fool of himself. The two of them need to practice coordinating with each other. They bumble and trip over each other’s sentences. They bicker and correct each other. It almost felt like I was watching a rehearsal. It was actually really embarrassing to witness. And they should make the content less about them. They brag a lot about how they just had lunch with Joe So-and-So, who is 25 degrees of separation from Raymond Chandler’s cousin’s barber. Or how they’re in a fight with the Chandler estate because they’re not allowed to produce Chandler’s lost comic opera. So childish and narcissistic, and completely uninteresting to the paying customers! BTW, if you want to re-create the tour for yourself, just go to the lobby of the Barclay Hotel, drive past Paramount Pictures Studio, go to Edelman’s book shop, and get some gelato at Scoops. That’s pretty much all we did. Not worth the money, not worth the time, not worth the frustration. Even if this thing were free, I’d still feel like I wanted my money back. YOU’VE BEEN WARNED.

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