The Heights Ghost Tour


Welcome to the BEST Ghost Tours in Texas. Take a haunted walking tour and experience eerie and tantalizing real ghost mysteries. Step through the shadows, gather your courage and discover Ghost Tours of TexasÕ chilling and ghastly tales of murder, revenge, passion, heartache and breath-taking history! Exciting and fun for the entire family!

Lowest Review

We scheduled the Heights Ghost Tour, also known as Ghost Tours of Texas. We arrived as requested at the stated time and our group of 20 waited…and Waited…and WAITED. 30 minutes later a call to the representative and she related that she didn’t know where the tour-guide was and he wasn’t answering his cell phone. We were directed to reschedule. So much for a wasted Saturday night. Fast forward to the following rescheduled Sat. night. The tour guide was very unsure of the details of the tour. Unbelievable. Halfway into the tour, 10 people had left. We were aware of the facts of some of the houses, and he was mistaken. For example, pointing to a relatively new home and inferring that 200 years ago a haunting occurred. The Heights wasn’t built 200 years ago and the house was under 10 years old. Another story was alike-completely falsehood. We watched the house being built the past year and he related a ghost story that happened here in the 90’s. The house looked old because it was pier & beam and Victorian style, but it was new. I asked if it was the same house and he related it was. Story after story was inaccurate. Even the story of the doll house that burned down last year was grossly inaccurate after eh pointed to a house elsewhere and related the dollhouse was patterned after that particular house. When someone asked a question, one could tell the answer was made up. If I was going on this tour with FREE tickets, it would still be a waste of time. For us, it was a waste of time and money.

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