Haunted Saratoga Ghost Tours


Come walk with us and discover the ghosts of Haunted Saratoga. Hear the stories that have lived on in our city for hundreds of years. The will enchant, entertainand perhaps even scare you. Our 90-minute long walking tour will take you in search of the countless ghosts rumored to haunt the city. Our season is May-October but private tours can be arranged year-round. Please email us for details. [email protected]


Established in 2015.

We gave our first tour in October 2015 and because of demand now give them every weekend from May-Nov.

Highest Review

This was a great tour, I had a really good time. Joe was a great Dosent and really made it interesting. I learned a lot about the history of the city, and it was really interesting.
The stories were fantastic and he really keeps your attention.

Lowest Review

Disappointed in our experience tonight. The tour guide Joe did his best, but much of the tour was a history tour, not a ghost tour. Many of the stories were pretty bland. I was truly disappointed that Joe’s assistant seemed sick and was coughing a lot the entire tour, not distancing herself from tour guests. She was constantly popping cough drops. During this time of COVID, coughing excessively with only a shield and not distancing is not acceptable. There were also some tour guests that did not wear masks and there was no requirement to social distance. Disappointing. Overall, not worth the money or time.

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