Ghosts of Albany


The ghost of gangsters, a Capitol Building night watchman, bawdy women and doomed lovers are among the spirits who legendarily haunt Albany’s downtown. Colorful tour guides weave history and mystery to bring stories to life as you pass by the State Capital Building, State Supreme Court and the mystical Egg Statue. Take a peak at the underbelly of Albany and test your courage on our nightly ghost tour. Albany is Haunted!

Highest Review

Russell was our guide for the tour. My wife and I are avid Ghost Tourists and try to do one in each city we stop through. The tour takes you in a sort of quad up through the grand old state and government buildings, filling you in on the reported ghost sightings in each place along the way. The tour is scripted- as every one we’ve been to is- and Russell did a great job with his performance. What I like about this tour is how they make a point to let you know that if you have any stories to share about the places they’re visiting they will incorporate that into future tours- a great idea to encourage people to interact. Our group was just my wife and myself and as such it was a fun time, informative and gave us a look at Albany we never would have known. Great job and wishing them all the best. Go!

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