Haunted Manhattan


Haunted Manhattan offers the most historically accurate ghost tours in New York, led by creepy, fun guides who bring you to and share the tales of the most haunted locations in the city.

Highest Review

My daughter, her Boyfriend and I went on the Greenwich Village tour and had a fun and enlightening experience about the spooky and historical past of the area. Professor/Dr. Mortimer or Mycroft or Moriarty or actually I think Ben was fantastic. Inside joke as we both are bad remembering names. Knowledgeable in both the history and stories as well as being able to recite multiple relevant literary pieces in their entirety. It was an engaging and personalized experience and look forward to taking another tour with them. I highly recommend it.

Lowest Review


I went to the village tour the other night and i have to agree with the poster below me, this is a total rip off, not worth the 25 dollars. i did not have exact change, neither did the tour guide. waste of my time….. i could’ve been to those places by myself for free…. we didn’t even go inside any of them!! …. really i paid 25$ for some woman to tell me that xyz building is haunted but no look around? and yes I’m sure cvs is definitely haunted….NEVER DOING THIS AGAIN

The Adolphus

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