Palomar Hotel

Highest Review

Best ever! Really! Just what I expected – rustic, European and Western mix of a get-away! It’s a historic building in a historic district perfected with ‘squeaky joints’ and perfect imperfections… what else would you expect!? The rooms are few and individual, the feel is cozy and the hard-working staff of one (as for the inn) is absolutely lovely to make you feel like home. The shower/bathroom is shared (2 separate ones – for gents and ladies with shower and bathroom), but it feels Iike it’s just a part of your home. No wait, nor is it inconvenient. There is a sink in the bedrooms. Noise level is what you expect if you are positioning yourself in the middle of the action. Love the soothing music played through the main-strip speakers through the earlier part of the day. Will be back for sure!

Lowest Review

I read the reviews before booking the room at the Palomar Hotel, so the plain room and shared bathroom were not a surprise and I was okay with that. What I didn’t expect was how run down this place is. The small sink in our room was stained, the enamel was peeling and it leaked! The water had to be turned off at the valve under the sink after each use. Really? For $118 a night, you can’t take care of this? Also, the room was really run down. The ceiling fan/light had exposed wires and bulbs and a putty job on the window had not even been painted over. There is a hopping night club about 1/2 block away and it is really loud!! I sit here at midnight, hoping I can get any sleep tonight. I definitely will not stay here again and would not recommend it to anyone, unless they are too drunk to drive. My low expectations were exceeded.

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