Grimm Ghost Tours

Grimm Ghost Tours

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Highest Review

I bought a groupon for my family and me and we took the Outer Reaches Tour. We all enjoyed it and we plan on trying out the other tours in the future. I would recommend using a groupon if you can because I don’t think it’s worth the price they normally charge of $25 per adult ticket. The groupon made it about half price. We had the Preacher of Truth as our guide and he did very well. He was good at telling the stories, interacted well with everyone, and he was also funny. This is not a tour that will terrify you but it was still a little spooky and a fun night out. Visiting the remains of Ted Bundy’s house was the creepiest part. Overall I do recommend this specific tour and guide but I bet the rest of the tours and guides are good as well.

Lowest Review

The tour was okay. The information that was relayed was mild. We stood outside buildings instead of going inside, and looking at a building is a bit of a waste of time. The night we went there was so much traffic, that the bus left late, was grid-locked in traffic for most of the tour, and yet returned on time for the next tour – essentially cutting us short on time. In one instance of learning about a haunted hotel, the bus driver was instructed to just drive by since we were running out of time. The was no information that could be substantiated, it was “I heard,” or “it’s been said.” We didn’t really hear any of the haunted Christmas stories as promised in the tour description. We drove by buildings, stood in the driveway, then drove to the next. not worth the money. We visited a small chocolate factory – that had nothing to do with Christmas.

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