Ghosts Murders & Mayhem Walking Tours


We offer 3 tours: Greenwich Village, Lower Manhattan, and our Mostly Murder Tour of Hell’s Kitchen


Established in 2010

Ghosts, Murders, and Mayhem Walking Tours launched in August of 2010 after the founder, Elise Gainer earned her New York City Sightseeing Guide License. Tours are presented by Paranormal History Productions, LLC

Highest Review

This is such a great tour, and a fun way to learn about NYC. i am a local and always wondered what tales and mayham lies beneath these buildings. The 2 hour walking tour of the hells kitchen area is a must book! I booked online directly with the website and paid about $35 per person. On a friday night at 8 pm, this was a great way to kick off halloween season with my friends.

I had a few questions along the way, but owner Elise always answered my emails quickly. Meghan our tour guide was incredibly informed, animated and a sweetheart to spend the night with. she was engaging and really was into the stories and facts about this area of town.

My suggestion? Meghan should have a microphone or something better to project her voice. she was great, but it was hard to hear at times due to the loudness of the city and her voice being on the lower side. I also think her candle lit lantern should be brighter or bigger. we had issues finding her, but to our surprise we were within a few feet from her.

my favorite part of the tour and what made this unique were the candy that Meghan gave us in the beginning, and the sheet at the end with all of the facts and story names that we heard. i have been on so many tours and always have to rush taking notes or googling things as the tour happens that i end up loosing info or missing out on hearing items, but this printed out list of facts was a HUGE help.

Lowest Review

I would give this negative stars if I could. I took the east village tour. First of all 25 dollars is a rip off. Anyone can stand in front of a building ( which was not scary as some were next to happening restaurants) and tell stories. I could walk pass these things for free. If anything, the guide should’ve taken us inside some of these so called haunted places. Waste of time and money. Any idiot can stand in front of cvs and tell a story about how a guy was murdered there and now his ghost haunts aisle 13. Never doing it again.

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