Queen Anne Hotel


The historic Queen Anne Hotel is a beacon of Victorian style and elegance in the peaceful neighborhood of Pacific Heights, San Francisco.

Highest Review

We had the time of our lives! What a beautiful & festive property. This time of year is my absolute favorite & to be greeted with so many festivities was dreamy. Our room was spacious, beautiful, & quiet. I was nervous as our room was located next to the elevator, but not a peep. We slept like babies.
The service was fantastic. I was treated with respect over the phone & some laughter. When we arrived, we were greeted with a warm & friendly smile and informed of all the amenities the property offered.

In the morning, breakfast was provided downstairs, which was so beautiful because we had, yet, another opportunity to take in the spirit of the holiday.

We can’t wait to come back! So grateful.

Lowest Review

The people who run this hotel have perhaps never been to a hotel. I live in a vintage home and I love vintage details. But there’s antique/vintage, and there’s OLD. There’s a way to make vintage feel clean and airy, and this place did neither. It feels like someone’s home who doesn’t know how to deep clean. They need someone to come in and gut rehab the place to give it an updated vintage vibe. We were told the hotel would be similar to the very charming Andrews Hotel which is where we usually stay in San Francisco but the Andrews Hotel was booked. Because there were 5 of us they put us up in a 2 bedroom suite with a pullout couch. They said it sleeps 6. This was definitely not enough space for even 5 people, because the pullout couch was at least 30 years old and barely had springs on it. As a result my 3 teenagers had to share a double bed. They were not too happy about that. For $500 a night this is not acceptable. No one in their right mind would sleep on that sofa bed. Plus it was dirty inside the sofa. The 2 bedroom suite (which was below ground level) smelled quite musty and my eyes were itchy the second I walked in. If you have allergies or asthma you will be in a world of hurt. And because all of the kleenex boxes were covered with gross fabric covers (not something you want to find in a hotel) you will want to go out and buy your own kleenex to sneeze into. The place was supposed to be charmingly vintage but it looked like a 1980’s floral, wallpapered, upholstered moldy nightmare. The bathrooms had not been updated in ages and the towels smelled like cheap-scented laundry soap. If you like feeling like you are in a horror movie this is the right hotel for you. If you care about the modicum of cleanliness stay far away. I wanted to love this place, but it really wasn’t good. The only thing good about it was the breakfast food.

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