San Francisco Ghosts


San Francisco Ghost Tours reveals the sinister world at the fringes of the City by the Bay. Through our compelling collection of historically-based stories and eye-witness accounts, you will learn about a side of the city that people don’t want you to know.

Highest Review

I grew up in the Bay Area and have lived in San Francisco for many years, but I learned about 100 new facts I never knew before going on this Ghost Tour. Michael was a great tour guide and really knew his history. Thank you for the fun tour and the extra cardio!

Lowest Review

Boo! [As in the ‘boo’ of disapproval, not the ‘boo’ of a ghost.].

Ok, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a seasoned ghost tour veteran. I’ve only done two other ones. But geez, I know low-quality when I see it.

First, the good. Our tour guide had great energy. It was her first night on the job and she had the tour route and script nailed down. She was charming and patient. Also, this was a great part of town (Nob Hill) for a tour, with a lot of special history, beautiful buildings, and stunning views.

Now, the bad (and there’s a lot more bad than good). The whole tour is outside (nothing you can’t access on your own). There were just around ~6 stops/stories over the entire 1-hour/1-mile. We had a very sweet woman with serious mobility issues in our group, which made it difficult with pacing. In her defense, nothing on the site mentioned the strenuous exercise and steep inclines of the walk. Also, our guide didn’t have the loudest voice, speaking on loud streets, and didn’t think to use a PA system, so we struggled to hear her.

In short, this just wasn’t worth the price of tickets for our family of four ($26 x 4 + tip = $114). We might have had a better experience to have done just a bit of research and put together our own walking tour, or to have tried a competitor. But I’d certainly suggesting ghosting this company!

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