The Proprietary House

Highest Review

Was part of a volunteer crew laying a paver sidewalk out front. I and Steve, a member of the preservation group were the last two still working, late in the day. I heard a voice call out Steve! Looking around, not a living soul on the street, no passing cars, no one inside the Proprietary House. I looked over at Steve and he said, “You heard that, didn’t you?” Apparently, one of the spirits at the house often calls to him when it’s quit and few are around.

Lowest Review

Great place to go to learn about history. This is the only remaining colonial governor’s mansion in the country. It was home to William Franklin, the son of Benjamin Franklin, and the last colonial governor of New Jersey. There is so much interesting history here. The volunteers who were working when we went were so friendly and had so much to share and were very passionate about the history here. I would definitely recommend going on a Wednesday when you can get the tour and tea and dessert in the wine cellar. Very fun and interesting experience.

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