Grim Philly Twilight Tours


Voted Best City Tour each year since inception and the only tour out of over a hundred featured on Anthony Bourdain’s “The Layover” on Travel Chanel- Grim Philly has amassed a cult following with educational but gritty adults only tours on serial killers; vampires, sex, aphrodisiacs, ghost hunting, grave robbing, gangsters, 1920’s speakeasies, pirates, the Jersey Devil, and other darker subjects.

Developed by a university professor with dark and frequently sarcastic inclinations coupled with academic training this has created what Grim Philly has become: sensational, yet meticulously researched material delivered in irreverent style by college professors, published authors, and other professionals you can trust for accuracy and entertainment.

Though Grim guides have each their own style and areas of expertise- tours are raw, uncensored and unabridged- and not suitable for children, or those of prudish disposition.

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