Steve’s Honolulu Ghost Tour


Our spookiest tour is called The Honolulu Ghost Tour.Ghosts and spirits have been a part of Hawaiian folklore for decades. One can not tell a good ghost story without having knowledge about the history of Hawaii and its people. It is the intension of this storyteller to provide our guests with an understanding of the Hawaiian culture in order to appreciate the power of the ghost stories of Hawaii.

The Honolulu Ghost Tour is a two-mile walk to haunted sites and mystical places in downtown Honolulu and Chinatown. Paranormal activity is known to occur at several of the sites visited. Our tour visits haunted locations where ghosts and spirits, such as Night Marchers, are known to roam. The tour visits famous landmarks, like Iolani Palace, and ordinary office buildings, where horrible murders occurred. This four-hour tour includes a rest stop at a haunted bar.

Highest Review

Wow, what a fun experience! My father and two brothers traveled to Scottsdale to celebrate my father’s 70th birthday! When you think of Scottsdale, what comes to mind? Golf…Spring training baseball…Good food…Hiking…but what about shooting? What about driving out into the desert and learning how to properly operate firearms? We scheduled two sessions – the BOOM adventure as well as the Top Guns adventure – and we had a BLAST! In our morning session which was the BOOM adventure we learned how to shoot rifles – AK-47, AR-15, the famous MOSIN that kicks like a mule, and a few others. In the afternoon session we learned about other guns and handguns – how to properly operate them, and most importantly, how to safely operate them. After completing these two sessions I can honestly say I have a much better education on weapons and understand how to use them. Boy it was fun and we can’t wait to do it again. What made the day so special? Not the famous cowtown shooting facility (although that was pretty cool), but our instructor – ZEV! Talk about a guy that has the depth of knowledge you would want when learning about firearms. Talk about a guy that taught us how to properly operate the weapons. And not to be forgotten, just a fun guy to spend a day with at the shooting range. Would highly recommend this to anyone.

Lowest Review

We went out with Chris, our guide, on an ATV tour today, and it was wonderful. From the very beginning Chris was helpful and polite and showed us all the sights of the Arizona desert. We even saw a diamondback rattler in the first 15 minutes on the road! Chris took us up to some Indian ruins and to a cool turquoise and copper mine. We went on some great off road trails and crossed a 3 foot deep river. At the end, Chris and Zev (the owner) gave us a great training class on firearms then we shot glocks and assault rifles. I even hit the explosive target at the end! It was a great day of fun in the sun. I would highly recommend you look up Desert Wolf Tours if you’re in the Phoenix area.

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