Decatur Ghost Tour


Discover Decatur’s Spirit Community with tales of… Murder, Passion, Vice, War and Tragedy. Led by professional psychic medium and paranormal investigator, Boo Newell. “Between the Realms: What Ghosts Teach Us About Life and Death” now available for purchase.

Highest Review

My husband and I have taken this tour quite a few times. Initially when we were just visiting Atlanta and then after we moved there we took our family members too. It’s a great look at some of the history of the area with an authentic medium. The stories are interesting and the hands-on investigating in the cemetery is always different and fun! Boo is the real deal. The next time we’re in the area we will definitely do another tour!

Lowest Review

The history of Decatur was great and Boo was entertaining. I enjoyed the stories and walk through town. Cemetary at night was kind of cool, but would like to see it during the day much better. I believe in ghost and psychics but some of the stories went a step too far in my book asking us to “feel the cold spot” that I could not feel. Fun but will not do again. More campfire story telling then Ghost Tour.

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