Northwest Ghost Tours

Highest Review

Fun tour! We did the ghost tour on Halloween night and it was a lot of fun. Rocky is very knowledgeable about Oregon City history. Definitely recommend!

Lowest Review

I am a walking tour junkie. I read about these folks in one of the local alternative weeklies (can’t remember which one) and was intrigued. I made several attempts to contact the company (called three times, left three messages, and emailed both email addresses), all to no avail. In the time between these attempts (this spanned at least three months), their voicemail box would periodically become full, then open up again. Someone was checking messages or the phone provider was dumping the voicemails, in any case, NW Ghost Tours was not returning messages or emails. I wish I could comment on the quality of the tours, but this company doesn’t have it together enough to even sign people up for their product. I’d be very hesitant to give these people any money for anything as follow-through does not appear to be part of their business plan. ***Edit*** I have just been contacted by NW Ghost Tours and they have assured me that they are working on their phone and email systems and that their staff is seasonal. I will reevaluate this rating when I can take a tour.

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