New Orleans Native Tours


Learn an Unconventional History on the Haunted French Quarter Tour

New Orleans is not known just for its statuesque mansions and spectacular Mardi Gras parades; it also possesses a dark underbelly that dates back to colonial times. On this French Quarter Haunted Tour, our licensed tour guide will take you back to a time when disease, murder, and corruption ran rampant in our city. Through written and anecdotal history, New Orleans Native Tours will take you on a memorable moonlight walk through the haunted French Quarter to several landmarks that have been featured on the Discovery Channel and History Channel.

Highest Review

Kristoff was an excellent tour guide!!! He was on time…. Very kind and Pleasant. He was very knowledgeable about the history and land of New Orleans. It is very easy to book online or call over the phone to book your tour.  I would book this company again and recommend it to friends.

Lowest Review

Read the reviews – it sounds like depending on the tour, they either give them personally or hire them out. Ours was hired out and there seemed to be a lack of communication between the 2 companies, but it did work out with little frustration. We did the 2 plantation tour. We were NOT given a choice of plantations as stated in the description. When I booked, I did call and inquire and was told that on that day we would be given a choice and the tour bus would drop a group off at Evergreen and another off at Laura. That wasn’t the case. The entire bus went to Oak Alley and Laura. It didn’t matter as we had not seen either of them and Laura was actually our favorite of the two. So, again, it worked out. NOTE: You are not given much time to tour the grounds on your own. You were dropped off, given about 10-15 minutes before the tour started and about the same after. This was for both plantations. Our driver informed us that is what happens when you try to get two tours in the same day. Suggestion – maybe extend the tour a bit longer so we don’t feel so rushed or just rent a car and take a day to tour them yourself. Our bus driver was very informative sharing all kinds of information to and from the plantations. Impressive. All in all, a pleasant experience and of the offerings out there, this seemed to be the best deal for the money.

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