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Highest Review

Was recently in New Orleans for a “weekend Getaway” and we sort of stumbled in on Livery Tours and our tour guide Mike. It was thoroughly enjoyable. We learned a lot about the history of New Orleans from the French to the Spanish to Louisiana Purchase and all the way to modern day. There were ghost stories, funny stories and a ton of very interesting trivia about this – how else can you say it? – quirky town. Even though we finished the tour in a light misty rain, none of our groups’ spirits were dampened and it was a great way to spend the day. We started the day, before the tour with a big bowl of boiled crawfish and finished the tour with a few cold beers, The tour in the St. Louis Cemetery can back up a little as there are a lot of tours going on at the same time, but it was nice to see how well all the tour operators respected one another and I think everyone got great tours. I’d highly recommend Livery Tours and our tour guide Mike to anyone looking for a fun and interesting picture of this very interesting city,

Lowest Review

I had family in town so I bought a groupon for a garden district tour. Started out fine, then my mother volunteered that I live in uptown and our tour guide asked what brought us to New Orleans, I said my husbands military and is stationed here. He asked “what does your husband do, because I know my family whose in the military can’t afford to live in uptown?” I was a little thrown by the question and shook it off saying that we live in a small shotgun and AHEM, I work too. Continued on the tour taking shots from him, he lives in the 9th ward and got a house twice the size for 140k. The tour continued with more facts about himself than New Orleans, bashing everyone ‘uppity’ in uptown, and talking about his two second cameo in Treme. All said and done, the walking tour was extremely slow paced due to the tour guide and ended up being three hours of useless information. The guide chose the most random streets with no significance, very little historical information given, and his pessimistic attitude was waring after three hours. This company may be ok but they need to be more selective with their tour guides.

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