Ghost Story Tour of Washington


Take A Ghost Tour in DC this October and meet the ghosts! Tours begin Friday, October 7th and runs on Fridays and Saturdays to October 29th including a special tour on Halloween, October 31st!

The first Ghost Story Tour of Washington was…indoors! Yes, it’s true. It began in 1998 at the Historical Society of Washington’s original site, the Christian Heurich House Museum. It was a big success and eventually spread to other historic houses (Octagon, Decatur House and Sewall-Belmont). By 2000, we added a tour of Lafayette Square as part of the ghostly fun. Here’s a story on an early Ghost Story Tour from Washington City Paper!

Ghost Story Tour of Washington

Highest Review

Melissa did a snappy job of keeping us entertained! Not sure if we experienced any ghostly activity, but it was fun to think we may have! Recommend this as a way to spend an evening!

Lowest Review

We had a great time on this tour – and I think I accidentally learned something, too. I definitely recommend this for Washingtonians looking for something different, or for tourists looking for an off-the-beaten-track sort of thing. This is not super scary, it’s more about true historical stuff – ‘ghosts’ from the past show up to tell their tales of woe. Don’t hesitate to bring the kids!

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