AxWild Ghostly Tours


Our Williamsburg ghost tours cover not just other-worldly activity. We also dish importantt bits of Williamsburg history in our politics, history, feuds, family life, and more. Great for the whole family. Who doesn’t love a good haunting?

Operating Hours:
Mon Closed
Tue Closed
Wed Closed
Thu Closed
Fri Closed
Sat 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Sun Closed

Highest Review

While the tour was well put together and the tour guide was very knowledgable and informative, it was definitely more of a history lesson than a ghost tour. If you’re looking for an exciting and creepy walk through some haunted placed as me and my group of friends were, this isn’t really it. A good time if you’re a family with kids and want to learn about historic Williamsburg. We ended up ditching the tour for our own walk through the cemetery and around some of the haunted houses.

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