The Oahu Ghost Tours


Oahu Ghost Tours® is a subsidiary of The Real Hawaii Eco-Cultural Excursions, a company that has provided authentic Native Hawaiian eco-cultural excursions on O’ahu since 1999. We operate our tours year round. We specialize in Hawaii’s haunted and supernatural, both past and present. Our tours are not scripted, commercialized, or rehearsed. They are in the raw, and no two tours are ever alike. We are not a jack of all trades tour company. Ghost tours are what we specialize in, and ghost tours are all we do.

Highest Review

Rode the trolley around to catch the sights and relax. Absolutely loved Shalom, she’s a driver for the pink line. She made the trip awesome, was super friendly and talked story with us the entire time.

Lowest Review

This could be better. It’s $25, which is good for the day, and as we were staying on Waikiki beach we wanted to take the trolley to diamond head to do the hike, as well as see some sites along the way. We picked up the green line near the public bathrooms down on Waikiki beach near the Moana surfrider hotel. First, when we got to the sign that had all of the trolley brochures, a public safety officer for the beach came up to us and asked if we needed help. We said we were trying to get to diamond head to do the hike and wanted to take they trolley over there. We asked which trolley line to take, as there are 5, and he proceeded to answer by taking the brochure out of my hand and putting it back in the kiosk. He said not to take the trolley, and to either take the city bus, which was three blocks away, or walk to diamond head. We asked how far it was to walk, as we didn’t want to walk a long distance and then have to do a monster hike, and he said it was about one mile. At this point I became skeptical, and google mapped the distance from our location to the diamond head welcome center. It was almost five miles. This guy was an idiot, and when he started getting frustrated that I stopped listening to him we just walked away. We saw the trolley pull into the stop, and straight out just asked the green line driver if he went to the diamond head hike. He said yes, then told us it was $25 each. Fine, we boarded and paid, and flipped off the idiot ps officer as we pulled out. The stops on he tour itself on the trolley weren’t great, many places I didn’t care about and didn’t want to get off at, including the kahala mall and zoo. The driver rambled on and on and on about who knows what, and didn’t give us any history of the island at all. Was like a 20 minute ride to diamond head. After getting dropped off and completing the hike, a few hours later we were back at the diamond head trolley stop location. As only one line goes to diamond head from Waikiki, the green line, we waited like 25 minutes for the trolley to pick us up again. Another driver who rambled on and the trolley almost broke down. He was the driver who had been with the company the longest, and the trolley was the oldest in the fleet. Thing barely started up and stalled a few times. Don’t get confused with all of the other trolley companies, with a Waikiki trolley pass you can only get on the English speaking Waikiki trolley. Many other English and Japanese speaking trolleys will come by that you can’t board. Also, our passes were only good on the green and pink lines, not the other three lines. This thing got us where we needed to go, and we saw some cool stuff, but that’s about it.

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