Top 10 SCARY Ghost Videos to MAKE You CRY

So WHAT is IN this video? A Japanese ghost video with a little girl ghost in a bus. A nun ghost / shadow figure in a haunted house with some creepy EVPs. A child ghost walks through fire. A ghost apparition runs down a random road. ANOTHER Japanese ghost video with poltergeist activity, a an apparition, and the ghostly appearance of a distorted face. A poltergeist shakes a door, a haunted church and a strange face distortion, and … then we head to South America where ghost hunter FrankoTV catches EVP s and a ghost caught on camera. Then on to Scotland, where ghost hunters catch a strange FACE in the window of an abandoned haunted house. And finally, a woman deals with a “monster”… or SOMETHING in her seemingly haunted house.

SOURCE: Nuke’s Top 5 (YOUTUBE)

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