Irvington Ghost Tours


ALL IRVINGTON TOURS WILL START ON 10 SOUTH JOHNSON AVE. INDIANAPOLIS,IN 46219 BEHIND THE IRVING THEATRE ON THE CORNER OF WASHINGTON STREET. TICKETS ARE $15.00 PER PERSON AND WILL INCLUDE A COPY OF THIS YEAR’S NEW BOOK “IRVINGTON HAUNTS. THE TOUR GUIDE”. ADVANCED TICKETS ARE SOLD AT THE MAGICK CANDLE AT 203 SOUTH AUDUBON ROAD. All tours conclude on Audubon road so you might want to park near the library and walk over to 10 South Johnson to begin your tour. This will ensure that you will finish the night at or near your car. We can not accept credit card, debit cards or checks for tour tickets so please be prepared. Tours go on rain or shine. The tours are about 1 1/2 miles of walking and about 2 hours long. The tours all outdoors so please wear proper footwear and warm clothing and be prepared to walk the distance. NO RESERVATIONS ARE NEEDED . Just show up 20 minutes before tour time and buy your tickets. We will not turn anyone away the money goes into the Irvington community so everyone who shows up and buys a tickets goes on the tour. We DO NOT sell out of tickets.

Highest Review

When I first heard of the Irvington ghost tour, I knew I wanted to go. After attending on a chilly Friday evening, I would give it six stars if I could. We showed up 20 minutes before the tour started and there were already close to 100 people ready to go. It’s a two hour outside walking tour of 1.5 miles. The tour is led by a retired history teacher, armed with a lantern. Alan is a phenomenal story teller and is extremely knowledgeable about the Irvington area. His passion for what he does stands out and he is quick to point out that him and everyone else involved in the tour are vounteers, with no financial gain. This is their 13th year doing the tours. The $15 admission fee (cash only) included a book and a small lanyard flashlight to keep. And all of the proceeds are given back to the Irvington community. The tour consisted of several stops with a detailed haunted story for each historic location. Irvington is known as being one of the most haunted areas. Look it up.

Lowest Review

I’ve wanted to do this for years and I’ll bet you have too. This is a walking tour of Irvington telling the dark stories of history. Irvington is an old neighborhood and it’s got a remarkable number of dark stories, which leads them to call this the most haunted place in Indiana. The most important thing to know is everyone on the tour is a volunteer and the tour exists to raise money for historic Irvington. The tour guide is a former high school history teacher and as he tells it he started telling spooky stories about local history to get his students interested in history. He’s an engaging story teller to say the least! There’s some great history in Irvington including a former head of the KKK who did some bad things, H H Holmes America’s first serial killer passed through here, and Lincoln’s funeral train passed through Irvington. The tour includes about 7-8 stories and you walk about 2 miles through Irvington – every story is interesting and entertaining. Tours are offered every Friday and Saturday night in October. Tours start on the sidewalk just around the corner from the Irvington Theater. The price of the tour includes a book with more details about the stories on the tour.

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