Dallas Terrors

Highest Review

We’ve traveled the country and made sure to take a ghost tour everywhere we go and this one was AMAZING! Raven our tour guide not only was super knowledgeable about the historical facts, she knew all about the individual atrocities and paranormal sighting that have since been seen. Her delivery STILL HAUNTS ME! And I make sure to tell anyone I know I’m town to check it out. Do yourself a favor and take this ghost tour, you won’t be disappointed. If I keep writing I’ll ruin the surprises, but it was 100 out of 10! Thank you Raven!!!

Lowest Review

We went on the tour last night for some Halloween fun. We walked away highly disappointed. In fact, we left early even though we paid for the extra half hour because it was that uninteresting. The tour guide seemed very awkward. She didn’t look people in the eye, kept turning her head around to not face us, and the tour overall was just plain uncomfortable, awkward and disjointed. With a name like Dallas Terrors we were hoping for something a bit heavier on the ghost/spooky side, but this wasn’t it. If you know the main facts of the JFK site and who founded Dallas already, save your money.

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