Alexandria’s Footsteps


Tales of war and peace..intrigue, betrayal, and heartache…tragedies, comedies…ghosts and graves…all part of the real history of the city, brought to you by a staff of unparalleled researchers, historians, and storytellers…guides whose knowledge, infectious enthusiasm, and dedicated expertise will both educate and entertain you.

We specialize in tours that take you out of the ordinary, to tell you the little-known but revealing stories of our former residents, from beloved President and patriots to the unsung heroes and heroines whose actions built this city, and our country, into what it is today.

Highest Review

My boyfriend and I went on this tour of Old Town not expecting much, but we were delivered an excellent storytelling experience, some creepy stories, and overall a fun lesson in some of Alexandria’s history. We had Leigh, who was the best of all the guides that evening — make sure you get her! She was funny, warm, and kept us engaged for the full hour. The group was small enough that she was easy to hear at each little stop, and we thoroughly enjoyed her and the group experience. Highly recommend for a cheap, easy and entertaining evening!

Lowest Review

My friends and I went on this tour recently while visiting Old Town. I think our tour guide did an okay job. It was nice to hear more history about Alexandria, but I wasn’t overly impressed with the story tellers ability to emphasize “ghoustly” or “scary” in this tour. It’s an interesting thing to do, but don’t expect too much.

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