The Haunted Magnolia Hotel


The Magnolia Hotel was originally a log cabin home built in 1840. Then it became a stagecoach station with a 3 room hotel located in the back. In 1850 it became a 10 room hotel with a saloon and restaurant. The actual Alamo Bell once hung in front of the building for years before being returned to the mission. Some of its most noted guests have been Texas Ranger Captain John “Jack” Coffee Hays, Texas Ranger “Big Foot” Wallace, Governor John Ireland, President Ulysses S. Grant, and the infamous multiple murderer, William Faust. The building is incredibly historic and is known to be extremely haunted. The owners, Jim and Erin W. Ghedi offer both haunted and historic tours.


Established in 1840.

Featured on “2013 Texas Most Endangered Places” list by Texas Preservation the Magnolia Hotel has now been rescued by Jim and Erin Ghedi. It was once only a two room log cabin built in 1839 by Texas Ranger, James Campbell. In 1844, the cabin was made into Seguin’s first stagecoach station. Then the original limecrete building was added in the back that would become Seguin’s first hotel. In 1850 the two story wooden section was added in the middle connecting all three buildings into what is now known as the Magnolia Hotel. It flourished for nearly 60 years. 1910 the hotel was overshadowed by more modern hotels and it became a boarding house. 1930 is when it became a large home on the bottom and apartments on the second floor. By mid 1990’s the hotel had fallen into major disrepair and neglect. After remaining empty for years it was badly vandalized and became how to squatters and drug users destine for demolition. Now it is being restored to its gorgeous 1880 grandeur for all to enjoy.

Highest Review

Finally got my overnight stay with 2 friends! We had a great time, ghosts or not! We loved the historically furnished private, spacious suite that looked like you had stepped back in time. The private entrance was great, but careful on the steep stairs.

Covid precautions observed : very clean and used plastic cutlery & plates. (Tip: might want to bring extra ice ) Basic TV reception was good.

The unrestored area was large & was also full of historical documents. To make the most of the adventure I rented the ghost hunting equipment. No spirits detected until the last room, then the meter began lighting up ! Dousing rods provided action throughout .

Lowest Review

We spent the night at the Magnolia Hotel and found the accommodations to be very comfortable and well appointed, filled with interesting pictures, reference materials, and simply drenched with history. The hosts clearly put a lot of effort into restoring the upstairs living area, as it is clean and inviting without losing any of the appeal of the history of the 200 year old hotel. The floors, ceiling, and doors are beautiful and appear to be restored, original elements from long ago.

As far as modern stuff, the AC cranks, the mini kitchen is efficient and nicely stocked, and the bathroom is modern, clean, and has a cool shower.

Lastly, I am generally a skeptic when it comes to anything paranormal, but try to keep an open mind. Over the course of the night, my wife and I encountered several odd little incidents that led me to believe that the place may very well be haunted. My wife heard children playing at 3 am, saw an orbish shadow drift across the bedroom transom, and heard a grocery bag rustle loudly during the night. I saw shadowy movements at the edges of my eyesight several times, and heard some weird, unidentifiable noises. Never felt anything negative, though, so these must be some of the nice entities that are said to dwell with the hotel.

If you love a little spooky, a whole lot of history, and a pleasant and comfortable stay, the Magnolia Hotel is for you.

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